How to Access RDP or RDC from Mac OS?

If the Windows RDC Client is not already installed on your MAC OS then please read our tutorial "How to Install Windows RDC on MAC OS" and then read this tutorial.


Step 1: On your MAC Desktop click on "Windows RDC Client"



Step 2: In computer field enter your VPS IP Address and then click on "Connect" button.



Step 3: Now in "User name" and password field enter your Windows RDP Username and Password and click on "OK" button (Please note: By default username is "Administrator" (without quota) and RDP Password is your Windows Administrator password and If you don't know your RDP Password then please email us or open a ticket with us)




Step 4: If you get a Windows Certificate error then click on "Connect" Button.



Now you are connected to your Windows VPS and you can manage your VPS from your RDP account :)


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