About Us - About Dewlance.com:

Dewlance® was founded In 2009 by Chandra Parkash. Our company is registered and our goal is to establish trust between us and our customers and provide an excellent service without compromising quality.

We spend an extra amount of money on our data center infrastructure so our customers receive the best network performance and services without any interruption.

We specialize in a number of fields like Windows Virtualization, Shared Hosting, and we host our own servers in United States, Canada and the
European countries.


Data center:
Our data center is SAS70 certified. We use nLayer, Level3, NTT Americaand some other carriers.

Server for Virtual Machine: (United States)
Chicago – Less latency for US users
Florida  – It is located in the HostDime premium data center and has similar latencyto our ChicagoDC server.
Last Vegas – Solid State Drive, RAID10 Configuration, and an excellent network speed for West Coast and Asia.


Shared Servers are located in various locations.
US Server in Chicago, Illinois: It lower latency for US users and nearby locations like Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Dallas, Alabama, Virginia, New York, Toronto and many more.

Canadian hosting server is located in Montréal, Québec:
This is a DDoS protected server, which is not only beneficial for Canadian users but also the connection speed to the US is a great alternative option to US servers.  Of course, if you are from Canada, it will be the best server for you because of the fast page loading and website speed.

UK server
This one is located in Maidenhead, which gives great speed to UK, good network speed for London, Germany, France, Paris, Austria, Italy, Romania and many more.


We are specialized in Xen hypervisor, Paravirtualization and KVM.

SSD Disk
Our company use Solid-state drive on some servers.


About Customer service:
We’re a team of 6 hardworking and quality assurance professionals. We provide low cost and high quality assurance solutions. We don’t
work only for money but for our customers’ satisfaction as well.


99% Uptime Guarantee
Our servers are specially built to ensure reliability and durability at all time. We give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the design of the location provides zero downtime, with backups providing reliability.


We Are Different:
– It is cheaper to host with us.
– We provide high quality hosting.
– Up-to-date support
– We give you more space on our servers.
– We have a 24/hour customer support
– Live Chat


What do you get?
100% satisfaction



I have had a great experience with dewlance hosting, They are reliable and very affordable. recommended to everyone.- Paul
I am so glad that I decided to switch over to Dewlance Web Hosting. Their support services are beyond compare.- Caster
Its a really great hosting company, Highly Recommended! great support A+++++++++- Thole
I absolutely love your hosting! It is amazing how much support I have received and how many features come packed! Keep up the great work :D- Ryean
I really want to thank you for the support. I give a high credit to your company. This is one of the best customer support i have ever come across since i have been using the internet. Please keep up the good work, as it taking you all in the company to a high ground. Thank- Oluwadare
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