Our Server IP & Name Server?

For Our Clients: Please Set Your Name Server to our Name Server


(Name Server For Monthly Hosting Plan)

Our Name Server is: (United States Location Only)




if you're use your own custom Name Server then please locate your IP Address to our Server IP


Our Server IP:
For IP Address, Check Welcome email which contains login details, IP Address, Nameserver, etc..


Note: If you are using our USA $9/Year hosting plan then please set your name server to NS1.DEWLANCE.COM and NS2.DEWLANCE.COM


If "your domain is register with us" then please make a ticket or you can register your name server in client area!


Note: Domain Propagation take 24 - 48 hours for DNS changes!



For Resellers: You can use our Nameserver IP Address to create customer nameserver, If you need any help then please create a ticket.(Private Name Server is Free, no any cost for Private Name Servers....)

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