We have released WHMCS Gift Card Version 1.6.

What's New in v1.6!
- Support for Multi-Currency.
- Now in WHMCS Admin >> Clients Summary >> Credit Management will display full description with gift code number.
- Some minor improvements.

How does our Multi-Currency work?
We use the default WHMCS currency system, Your default currency is USD then it will use USD and If you are using any other currency as your default WHMCS currency such as GBP then our module will use GBP.

Assume that your default currency is USD, You have created a $10 coupon and your customer's default currency is EUR. Your customer applies your coupon then it will credit the converted amount in EUR to your customer account.

For example:
Date: 21/10/2021
USD to EUR Rate: $1 = €0.86 EUR
$10 = €8.58 EUR

Hence, EUR 8.58 will be credited to the customer account.

There is any limitation?
It supports all types of currency whichever is supported by WHMCS and available in your WHMCS.




Thursday, October 21, 2021

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