You can start selling web hosting to your clients if you own a reseller web hosting account with some leading web hosting companies in the market. It’s a growing and profitable business if you have proper skills, but first of all, you must know the basics of reseller web hosting.


Basics of a Reseller Web Hosting Site

A reseller hosting account is buying the hardware resources at wholesale prices and then distributing it to other customers. Here the reseller earns a good commission on every sale.

But you have to promote your business online as well as maintain a good reputation so that you can grow your reseller hosting business and widen your business reach. Although most hosting companies offer technical support, but with some hosting companies, you may have to provide technical assistance to your customers through your efforts.

On the other hand, sometimes, a reseller directly rents the hardware from a Virtual Private Server Provider and then offers the shared hosting to his/her customers for the sake of profit.

Now, let’s talk about the Skills you should possess for running a reseller hosting business successfully


Well, before deciding on buying the reseller hosting account, you should be aware of some facts and have the necessary knowledge. Since this business domain is around the clock affair, therefore you must have patience while listening to the problems of your customers.

The quick and good customer support and excellent communication skills are the basics of a successful reseller hosting website.

We are giving here some crucial points which you must know for starting this online business:


You should research the feasibility of the targeted market and then decide on the business plan as well as aspirations. Here you must accumulate these things:

• Your investment capability, as well as the capital needed for setting up the reseller hosting.
• The payments of the virtual assistants you may need to hire for running the business.
• Which market segment you are going to target – such as windows or Linux, shared hosting or VPS, etc.
• The hardware, as well as other resources you must need to run your business successfully.
• The overall cost of complete business setup as well as smooth run for a long time and if you are well prepared to invest that much amount.



Next, the technical skills you should have for setting up the reseller hosting selling website:
• You should be well aware of the functions of the equipment you might need, such as the Computer Hardware as well as the necessary infrastructure.
• You should completely understand the applicable software and the apps required for the reseller hosting.
• Basic knowledge of the internet, as well as various IPs, is necessary – what standards, as well as concepts, are applied for different IPs.
• To resolve the queries and technical issues of the clients, you should be equipped with the proper technical knowledge.
• How the Control Panel of the hosting panel works and how to operate the different functions of the Control Panel.



The accounts management knowledge is necessary as well. Here we are giving the overview of the finance management basics you should know for smoothly running your reseller Webhosting business:
• Creating the balance sheets includes the following facts – the overall hosting sales, expenditures the amount you will receive, and pay.
• Managing account book and record keeping.
• Understanding the e-commerce software you are using on your reseller hosting website as well as the billing features.

Well, either you should know these basics, or you can hire someone to manage all these things. It is advisable to hire some virtual assistants for different departments because you just can’t handle everything by yourself. Also, you should make sure that each of the VA is carrying out his/her job with proper responsibility and efficiency.


Some Other Important Skills you Should Posses

Well, so far, we have discussed the required technical as well as standard business skills you should have for maintaining a smooth reseller hosting business. Now it’s the time to learn about some additional skills one should know about to deal with the customers and managing the business reputation. It finally impacts a lot in future business growth and thus growing your business profits.

• As a hosting provider, you must communicate with everyone with an open mind. You customers must have a feeling that they are a member of the family of your company. It will keep the customers at ease, and they will undoubtedly spread the positive words about your hosting company.
• The highest degree of communication skills is like a must-have while providing excellent support to your hosting clients with properly guiding them towards the right solution.
• Don’t think that your customers can easily understand technical things. Therefore, having a patient is a key factor here. Always be ready to help the customers until when the problem isn’t resolved. It’s you who have sold the hosting to the customers, and you are responsible for after-sales service as well.
• If you are in web hosting service providing business, then you should be available 24X7 for your customers. You just can’t be available all the time. Therefore, we have recommended hiring virtual assistance.


Summing up it all, we have discussed the significant traits or running and maintain a reseller Webhosting website and business successfully. If you aren’t that much efficient in technical things and don’t want to hire a technical assistant, then you should go with a hosting provider that is offering technical support for reseller hosting accounts.

If you wish to have bright future aspirations with your reseller hosting business, then you should first learn all the basics of the skills mentioned above and traits. Equipped with these traits, you will surely do a profitable business through your reseller hosting website in the coming future; however, at the start, you may have to invest a good amount.


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