There are many different options when it comes to the hosting that you use for getting your website online. Each type of hosting caters to the needs of different websites. They differ by capacity, control over server, and reliability.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of managed hosting where your website is hosted on a shared server. The server not just host your website but also hundreds of other websites that belong to other webmasters. For this reason, the amount of resources that each webmaster is entitled to use is being limited. If you exceed the resources limit, the web hosting provider may contact you to upgrade to a better hosting such as VPS.


Since shared hosting is managed hosting, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to manage the server. This makes it a great option for newbies who are just starting out in the website business and don’t know how to manage the server. The limited resources in shared hosting means it is only suitable for hosting small websites or websites that don’t receive a lot of traffic.


Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting allows you to start your own web hosting company and resell web hosting spaces at a mark up profit. For example, if your reseller plan offers 50 GB, you can create 25 accounts; each account will have 2 GB. Some people also use reseller hosting to host their own websites.

Reseller hosting usually come with cPanel and WHM. After signing up, you will receive access to admin console where you can create web hosting places according to the requirements that your clients demand. You will be able to allocate disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, and other web hosting features to your clients’ accounts.

The control panel of the reseller hosting account is not as advanced as the control panel of the web host. This is because it is the web host that manage the server. The web host will be responsible in all kinds of tasks that are related to server maintenance including security, updates, and uptime so that you can focus on your business. Some web hosts will charge you a fee for every sale you make, or example, a percentage of every sale you make or a flat fee. There are a few web hosts that will let you keep all the money you make from selling the web hosting spaces.

Reseller hosting is the cheap option for people who want to get into the web hosting business. It will cost you much more money if you buy the servers and infrastructure on your own. Usually, the people who sign up for reseller hosting are newbies who just want to make some quick money from selling hosting services.


Master Reseller Hosting

Master reseller hosting is the same as reseller hosting but you can also create reseller accounts with it. You will be able to create both shared hosting and reseller hosting packages. Master reseller hosting plan is suitable for those who want to enhance their revenue. You might not be making enough revenue from reselling shared hosting so adding reseller hosting plans to your products may help to attract more customers and revenue. You can purchase Master Reseller Hosting from Dewlance.


Alpha Reseller Hosting

Alpha Reseller allows you to create Master Reseller Account and your master reseller user can create Reseller hosting account.


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