Recently cPanel shocked the hosting industry by announcing per account-based billing without any prior notification and back-stabbed small hosting companies to die.

cPanel is widely used Hosting control panel because of good and modern UI and affordable price but from 1 September price of cPanel will be jumped from $15/mo for VPS to $45/mo + $0.10 per account and it will be really hard for small companies to run their hosting business on this model.

This is not only bad for Small hosting providers but also bad for customers who want to host their website at an affordable price instead of $20/mo for hosting a simple website.


About DirectAdmin:

DirectAdmin or short name DA is a 15-year-old Hosting Control panel, Owned by JBMC Software company. Their office is located in Canada.


1. DirectAdmin – Fast & Lighter than cPanel :

Unlike cPanel which uses most of the resources of the server, DirectAdmin is Fast and required less RAM. You can even install DA on 512MB server however recommended required RAM is 1GB while cPanel takes 2GB.


2. Stable

DirectAdmin is a stable control panel and services of DA is running stable. We hardly receive notification that xyz service of DirectAdmin is offline while with cPanel we received notification that httpd is not running, etc., and then you will have to check why httpd is offline.

This is painful with cPanel to make your server stable.


3.  Easy to Use and Huge Improvement in UI of DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is no longer classic type panel, They made excess changes in their panel and now look of DA is modern and improving day by day.


Look at the screenshot taken by us of our DirectAdmin test server with the layout of “Icon Grid”.

Click to Enlarge Image






I like to use it because of the very fast speed, It takes only seconds to enter in any option.


Additional Feature which lacks in cPanel.

– In cPanel, If you are in any option like Email option and you wish to directly go to DNS Management then you can’t do this without going back to the home page and then click on “DNS Management” while in DirectAdmin you just need to click on “Navigation Grid” Icon and all option will be shown in a small window which is great to save our time.

Click to Enlarge Image - DA






4. Affordable & Stable Price – Hosting for Common Man:

DirectAdmin price is Stable and also they provide Price Hike Guarantee while with cPanel your business will be not secure and it does not matter that you are hosting provider or customer. It is very risky to do business with cPanel.

Assume that you are a developer or hosting your blog on XYZ company who uses cPanel and cPanel hike price by 800% (cPanel already did this on 27 June 2019) then it will be hard for you to survive and your website will be closed or you will be forced to stop your project and move to a different provider who is using the different control panel which prices are stable.


cPanel is owned by Oakley Capitals and also they owned Plesk and have stacked in companies like Godaddy, EIG and big companies wanted to force small hosting companies to shut down so they can sell their hosting/cloud plans at a very high price. If I am not wrong then once there will be no small hosting companies and less competition then they will join hands to sell 1gb hosting at $20/mo or even $30/mo so beware.


5. Drastic development in DirectAdmin within 2 weeks:

Within a week, DirectAdmin released a new version with better UI like “Icon Grid”, They have added many features and their team is working hard to add more features.

– They introduced cPanel to DirectAdmin script which can help you to easily migrate your account from cPanel to DirectAdmin.

– sFTP Backup

– I can’t give a guarantee but many software providers like WHMReseller (Owner of Deasoft) told us that they are working on DirectAdmin Plugins for Master Reseller, WHMAMP said similar and “JetBackup” already announced that they will release Jetbackup for DirectAdmin.




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