You can watch video tutorial or read this step by step text tutorial..


Step 1: Login to your cPanel Account

cpanel login 1


Step 2: Type "Softaculous" in searchbox or Scroll down and click on "Softaculous" Icon.

softaculous icon


Step 3:  In Softaculous, Expand "Blog" menu and then click on "WordPress"



Step 4:  Now Click on "Install" Tab





Step 5:  Fill Installtion form:

Directory:  If you want to Install wordpress on your Main Domain(Eg: then Leave this field as a blank field or If you want to install in a directory then enter directory name like "Blog" and softaculous will install your blog on your domain ""

Database Name:  Leave this as it is.

Table Prefix: Leave this as it is or change to some other name like "wpzz_"

Site Name: Your Site Title Name (Eg: James Smith)

Site Description:  Site Slogan (Eg: Personal Blog)

Enable Multisite:  No, Leave this as it is



Admin Username:  For security reason we recommended you to  change default admin username to other username like "myadminaccount" or something else.

Admin Password:  Click on "Key Icon" to generate a random password or enter your own password.

Admin Email:  Enter your active or personal email address(Usefull for admin password reset, notification, etc)

(Note: Later you will need this Admin Username/Password to access your WordPress Admin Account)

Select Language:  WordPress Default language is english, or chose your native language.

Email Installation Details: Leave this field blank(eg: Do not enter anything in this field)


Final Step: Finally Click on "Install" Button, wait for few second and Softaculous will show a Success message like "Installation Completed, with your full wordpress blog address and Admin Area URL.




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