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10 Success Tips for Hosting Company
1. Be different

2. Always care about your customers

3. Be Flexible, If your customer ask you to change IP address or something and you can do this then do.

4. Fast Resolution, Good up-time Guarantee is key of success

5. Easy Contact us page: Don't hide your contact address, email address or phone number from your customers

6. Don't use fake logo: many of new hosting company use "BBB" logo without authorization. If your company is not BBB authorized then don't use their logo.

7. Up-to-Date with Market: Your competitor is providing a Cloud VPS, CloudLinux OS, LightSpeed Hosting with 1 to 10GB HDD and still you are providing a classic 100MB to 250MB HDD shared hosting plan?

8. Advertise: If you spend $200 on advertisement then you can get $2000 or more in long term. For example: If your customer come though advertisement and stay with you for many years.

9. Make Affiliates Members, Resellers, Franchise.

10. Respect your customers and be Polite with your customers, Employes, Affiliates and advertisers.
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