Dewlance® provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Hosting. If you are looking for a SSL Certificate Hosting provider who meets your requirements for a low-cost service, then we are best choice for you.


SSL is widely used by many companies, eCommerce websites and individuals who use SSL to protect their customers’ sensitive data.


  • SSL Hosting – SSD

    Server Location: US, UK and Canada

    Plans Starter Beginner Basic
    Disk Space 1GB 2GB 5GB
    Bandwidth 100GB/m 200GB/m 350GB/m
    cPanel Yes Yes Yes
    Softaculous Yes Yes Yes
    Every Next Day Backup Yes Yes Yes
    Monthly Backup Yes Yes Yes
    Addon Domains No 1 3
    Database 40 80 170
    Ioncube/SourceGuardian/GD Yes Yes Yes
    CurlSSL/SQLite/XLS/Mbstring Yes Yes Yes
    SOAP/TTF/Tidy/Mcrypt Yes Yes Yes
    Instant Setup Yes Yes Yes
    Changing SSL Before 1 Year No No No
    Comodo Positive SSL Yes Yes Yes
    SSL Cover Domain 1 Domain 1 Domain 1 Domain
    Price: $16/Year $23/Year $39/Year
    Location: (US) United States
    Order Now! (US) Order Now! (US) Order Now! (US)


Signed SSL - cPanel/WHM/WebmailSigned SSL on cPanel/WHM/Webmail
We use Signed SSL on our cPanel/WHM/Webmail, issued by trustworthy certificate authority. Self-Signed SSL are not good and are only useful for testing purposes. We only use signed SSL certificate on our cPanel, Mail Server and WHM.

  • How do you setup a SSL & Hosting account?

    Our System Instantly sets up your hosting account and sends login details to your email. We manually install a SSL for you, so you don’t need to do anything and do not require technical skills.


    Do I need to install the SSL myself?

    No. We will install it for you.


    How can I use SSL on my WordPress blog?

    We can setup your WordPress to work with a SSL and even enforce the use of SSL.


    SSL For SEO/Blog/Website – Increase Trust

    Nowadays we not only use SSL for securing sensitive data but also for our personal blogs and our websites to win over the trust of visitors and improve SEO.

    Search engines now put an emphasis on SSL Sites. SSL increase the customer trust by helping secure their sensitive login information.

  • What is SSL?

    SSL means secure socket layer. It is an encryption technology that creates a secure communication between a client(Your Browser/PC) and a server.

    Messages and data are highly encrypted and third parties can’t read it. This is true for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or any other person.

    For example, if you search on non-SSL Protected site, your ISP or anyone else can intercept your message/data, read it or modify it.


    How SSL Work?

    On a site using a SSL certificate, our Browser(Client) and SSL Site(Server) create secure and highly encrypted communication. The browser used s Public Key to encrypt data and send it to a SSL site with fingerprints. When a SSL site receive your encrypted data, it matches the fingerprints and uses a Private Key to decrypt your message/data.

    A third person can’t read this data and can’t send wrong data because the SSL site also matches fingerprints. If data is modified, the fingerprints will not match.


    How to check a site is SSL Protected?

    When you open a site which uses a SSL, the browser will show a green lock icon in browser bar on the left side. If you click on it, it will show more information about the SSL – the Expiry date of the SSL certificate, for example. If the lock is broken, it is an indication that the site is not fully encrypted and that there is a high risk for your data to be stolen.


    How to ensure I always use https instead of http?

    We can do this for you. When your visitor opens your site using http, your site will automatically redirect to https.


    There isn’t any hidden host.

    We do not charge fees for installing a SSL, we ensure your site always uses a SSL and the price for a SSL certificate is paid once a year.


    Can I use SSL on Shared IP?

    Yes, SSL can be installed on a Shared IP address. If you require an isolated environment, our VPS plan is suitable for you.


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