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AutoBoot Windows or Forex VPS - VPS will automatically start if down

We developed a customer software which can check VPS status and If status is down then our system will automatically start your Windows VPS or Forex VPS.

AutoBoot: If your VPS down then our system will automatically start your VPS.

Downtime Alert: Whenever your VPS goes down you will get a alert.

+ AutoBoot and Downtime Alert FAQ:

Can I use both? AutoBoot and Downtime Alert?
- Yes

Any Additional charges for this?
- No any charges and we provide this at Free of cost.

Downtime Alert: Can I use multiple email?
- Yes

Note: Currently we provide both features to Forex VPS users however If you are using a Windows VPS and running a business then we can add this both features to your VPS.
Kunnu (Administrator) - Best Web Hosting

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