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Now Dewlance use Singned SSL for cPanel/WHM/SMTP/POP3/FTP Server
10-13-2011, 05:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-13-2011, 05:46 AM by dewlance.)
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Now Dewlance use Singned SSL for cPanel/WHM/SMTP/POP3/FTP Server

Now we use Signed and Recognized SSL for cPanel/WHM/SMTP/POP3/FTP Server.

It means now you don't need to add manually SSL expectation and you can use SSL Protected Thunderbird(Email Software) without any problem.

-- Most of hosting providers use Self-Singed SSL because of they don't want to spend money on SSL and If you've a hosting account with them and you want to use SSL protected Mail Server then you will get a error like "Certificate error", "Unauthorized SSL",etc...

-- With Self signed SSL you can't use Thunderbird and some other programs so you need to use Insecure method(without ssl) and your email user/pass/everything will send without encryption and your Internet Provider or hacker can see your Password,email and other important data..

Why Dewlance use Signed SSL?
  • For more security
  • Our clients can use Thunderbird related software and SSL protected software(Some of software require only Recognized SSL)
  • Secure sFTP/POP3/IMAP/
  • You don't need to compromise your security by adding a "SSL Expectation"
  • Increase more trust
  • For client satisfaction
  • More Privacy

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