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Full Version: Possible to Make own datacenter in your home?
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If you're Interested in making a small data center in your Home then read this Interested post Smile

I know you're very Interested and want to host a some Dedicated server in your home(Want to save loooots of money?)

Requirements and Suggestions:
1. 20 - 100 MBPS Internet Connection and must be don't forget to get a Permission from your ISP for hosting your site and also discuss with your ISP for Extra changes on Bandwidth,etc.

2. Your ISP must be provide Additional IP Address at affordable price and if you buy additional IP Address then your ISP provide you a new IP within minutes or hour and not require any physical legal documentation for additional IP Address.

3. Purchase a Hi-Quality Dedicated Server from ebay Smile or market.
(Server Spec. depend on your uses)

4. Place your Server in a Safe place(Read server requirements for minimum, maximum Temperature,etc - if your server not place on a suitable place then your server damage within days or month)

5. Buy a Powerful UPS - 24x7x365 Electricity is required for 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee Smile

6.Connect your Server with Internet Connection and Install a Linux(Free) OS or Windows(Paid)

7. Setup and Configure your server, Install some required Softwares,etc.


Suggestion: Buy a Dedicated Server or Co-located your server on your nearest Data Center.

Please Note: This only for a Educational Purpose, Try this at your Own Risk