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Full Version: Why Purchasing a Windows VPS & ForexVPS from Dewlance is so easy for you?
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We've a lot of Windows VPS & Forex VPS Customers and they love our service because of its so easy for them to setup Windows VPS.

Why using a Dewlance™ Windows/Forex VPS is so easy for you?
  • Pre-Installed Firefox Software(Save your time)
  • Internet Explorer is not annoying, IE is per-configured(Only few settings)
  • Remote Desktop is enabled by default so you don't need a technical skill to enable RDP.
  • 1 Click Windows OS Installation, save time.
  • If you are a reseller then your time will be not wasted in configuring RDP or Installing Windows OS manually
  • 4 CPU Core (None of VPS Provider gives you a more then 1 or 2 CPU Cores but our VPS comes with 4 CPU Cores which cost you more then $30/m and our price is only $11.99/m)
  • Lots of Video Tutorial/Step by Step tutorial/Forum tutorials for Windows/Forex Users.
  • Tutorial for MacOS Users.
  • You can share your files from your Local PC to RDP via FTP Account.
  • Much more..