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Full Version: SolusVM Demo - Full VPS Control Panel Demo
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On Live Chat & Support Ticket some of our clients ask for a demo of SolusVM Control Panel and we can't provide a live demo of SolusVM so I post a screenshot of SolusVM Functions,etc.

Windows Virtual Server $10.99/mo

Main SolusVM - Windows Account with full feature list:

SolusVM Account with multiple vps(25 vps accounts..)

SolusVM Function: Reboot,Boot,Shutdown,etc..

SolusVM Manage IP Address:(Require at least 2 IP Address to change Main IP)

SolusVM Reverse DNS: RDNS

SolusVM VPS Logs: (Security for you: Check who reboot/boot your vps - IP,etc records..)

SolusVM: Mange your profile:(Password,Email,etc.)