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How to keep your hosting account secure?
Security of your hosting account is most important, Here at Dewlance we take all measure to secure accounts/data of customer however today I am going to give tips for securing your hosting account.

1. If possible then do not use your default email account, Use secondary account which is unknown for public and make sure you check your account regularly so you can't miss any invoice.

2. Use secure password, Any password like test, etc is insecure and it will be easy to guess your password.

3. If you are using gmail type email and they provide 2 step authentication then enable it so hackers can not hack your account.

4. Login from your local IP Address and If possible then never use dynamic IP or random IP Address. If you use static IP of your local ISP then your hosting provider will be assured that you always access from a xyz IP and If hacker open any ticket with your hosting provider for resetting your password then they will deny to reset password by looking at their IP Address.

There is more way to make your account secure.

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