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How to install cPanel?
Very easy to install cpanel.

1. Root Access
2. SSH Client
3. Supported OS

You can buy cPanel® From their site or from cPanel® Partner Sites.

cPanel Site:

cPanel Installation Instructions:

1. Login to SSH and enter following command.

1. cd /home — Opens the directory /home.
2. wget -N — Fetches the latest installation file from the cPanel servers.
3. sh latest — Opens and runs the installation files.

wait for installation complete and enter license activation command

4. /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt — Activates your license after installation.

Now open https://$IP:2087 in your preferred web browser.

*$IP Your Web Server IP
*Use your ssh login username and password in login area.

Follow all steps.......

Installation Completed....
Kunnu (Administrator) - Best Web Hosting

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