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How to Upgrade XEN to 4.1.4 on CentOS?

First you need to check your Xen Version by typing a command in your SSH Client

Quote:xm info
xl info
You will get a 10 to 20 line output result but you need to check only this 3 lines..
xen_major : 4
xen_minor : 1
xen_extra : .1

It means your Xen version is 4.1.1

If both commands are not working then you can check your Xen version from /etc/grub.conf file..

Quote:nano /etc/grub.conf

output result
Quote:default=0 << If set to 3 then check 3rd title
title CentOS (3.2.12-434.3.2.el5xen)
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xen.gz-4.2.1 <<< YOUR XEN VERSION
module /vmlinuz-4.2.1.el5xen ro
module /initrd-4.2.1.el5xen.img << << Your Xen Version
title CentOS (xyz)

How to Upgrade Xen? (If you don't want to change your whole version from 3.x to 4.x.
Upgrade Kernel:
Quote:yum upgrade kernel-xen*

How to Upgrade Xen Version from 3.x to 4.1.4? (Warning: Do this at your own risk)

Run this command
Quote:cd /etc/yum.repos.d

Now download latest version of Xen repo from Gitco: (If you want to install your selected repo then go to <removed> and replace with your repo url in wget command

Quote:wget removed

Now we need to remove Xen:

Quote:yum remove xen
Quote:yum remove kernel-xen*

Once you remove Xen and Xen kernel then you can install latest Xen by running this command:
Quote:yum install xen

Edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and change "default 0" to your new xen kernel line..(Eg: If your newly installed kernel title listed on 1st line then change to "default 0", If listed on 2nd then change to "default 1")

For example: (Only for example, don't replace your grub config with this config otherwise your server will stop working)

Quote:nano /etc/grub.conf
PHP Code:
title CentOS 
title CentOS 
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xen.gz-4.1.4
/vmlinuz-4.1.4.el5xen ro root=LABE

Now reboot your vps/server

After rebooting VPS/Server you can verify your Xen Version by running a xm info command or xl info.
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