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Dewlance is now GST Registered Hosting company in India

This is only for Indian customer, If you are from other country then you don't need to read this and you are not liable to pay tax to us at all Wink

We recently registered our Company in Indian GST Portal and now If you purchase hosting from us then you will be not liable to Pay tax to the Indian Government however, If you purchased a hosting from Non-GST Registered company then you will be liable to pay tax.

It means you are safe with us because of we will do your work, Means we will pay tax to Indian Government for you and you will be not need to do anything.

Here is Example:
1. You purchase hosting from Dewlance (GST Registered) then we will charge TAX on invoice and we will pay TAX to Indian Government. No any other liability on you.

2. You purchase hosting from Non-GST Registered hosting company, They will not charge tax but you will be need to pay your TAX by generating an invoice to yourself and pay TAX to Indian Government and If you will not pay tax then they can take action against you because of you will be easily caught by Government of India and maybe go to jail for Tax Theft. (Purchasing hosting without TAX to Non-GST Registered hosting company make you liable to pay that tax by yourself which is extra burden for you.)

So, Choose Dewlance which is GST Registered Hosting company. You will be not held liable by choosing us since we will do your work.

Its so simple, Either you Pay tax to Indian Government or If your hosting company is GST Registered like Dewlance then they will do your work and pay tax to the Indian Government. Wink
Kunnu (Administrator) - Best Web Hosting

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